Welcome to My time in the kitchen

It feels strange to try and write another first blog post, as I’ve been blogging for years. A lot of my blog posts have been about food, and I’ve been trying to get better at food photography (my partner once described it as crime photography) but it’s still a thing I’ve been hoping to improve.

I love food writing. Some of my favourite writers are food writers. I love Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and Mark Twain. But I hold Julia Child, M.F.K. Fisher, and James Beard in the same esteem. I read cookbooks like novels and watch cooking shows like others watch crime shows or sitcoms.

So what will this blog look like? Well, it’s going to have recipes that I’ll share. It’ll also include stories/essays of me eating out in London, as well as musings on books I’ve read or shows I’ve watched. I’ll also write about trends in foods that I think are interesting (or stupid).

So welcome one and all, and in the immortal words of Julia Child, bon appetit!

Author: Peter Majda

I'm a MA graduate in English literature from DePaul University. I earned my BA in English literature from the University of Illinois. I completed my MA thesis on post-WWII black British literature, and am currently working on my MFA in creative writing. My favorite authors include Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Julia Child, David Sedaris, Amy Sedaris, Amy Tan, Harper Lee. I read about two-three books a week. I read mainly essay collections, nonfiction, humor. I am Chicago-raised, but based in the UK.

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