My time in the kitchen is a blog I started after writing for over seven years on A Crowded Bookshelf, which has since become An American in London. I love writing about food and have always included recipes, cooking, as well as reviews on food books on my original blog, but I think it’s time to devote a whole blog on my food writing.

This is a work in progress, so I’m not sure where this blog will go. I’ll include some food photography, which is something I’m starting to do more of.

I grew up in Chicago – an amazing food city. I had some of the best Mexican food going to Pilsen, the most amazing Indian food on Devon, and no can beat the soul food I ate in Hyde Park.

Almost two years ago, I moved to London. London is a gigantic city and has become a food wonderland for me. I’ve been year a year and a half, and I’m still discovering restaurants. My cookbook collection has expanded, and I’ve become far more knowledgeable about different ingredients and cuisines.

Along with food writing, I’m also a literary scholar and a film scholar, as well as a writer of pop culture and politics. Most of that will stay with my other blog, but there will be moments of overlap – I’ll review films, TV shows, books, etc that have to do with film, and if there are any major political issues do to with food (i.e. income inequality, food insecurity, food deserts), I’ll write about those as well.

But what this blog is really about is my love of food. Enjoy.

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